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Supply chain & industrial performance improvement

Since its foundation in 2001 and at the request of its historical clients, YKems has acquired expertise in performance optimization based on:

  • A historical positioning in strategy and finance allowing to focus efforts on key issues of performance improvement by restoring the link between short-term decisions and long-term growth targets
  • A quantitative approach of addressed issues , based on strong skills in modeling and operational research
  • A multidisciplinary team bringing together consultants specialized in strategic analysis and finance, as well as former executives coming from the industry (operations, finance and sales)

With that expertise, Ykems intervenes in the definition and implementation of:

  • Sales, distribution and purchasing policies: short-term price / volume strategy, commercial target setting, support to contract negotiations (see “competitive dynamics”), retail portfolio optimization…
  • Industrial strategy: assets competitiveness analysis, industrial / distribution network optimization, S&Op, supply chain strategy, industrial and commercial planning, industrial organization.

To support recommendations and build sustainable solutions, YKems also designs customized and transferable quantitative models allowing:

  • To identify and assess the major performance improvement stakes
  • To evaluate the costs and benefits associated with each possible scenario (depending on topics: expected gains from industrial network restructuring, comparative evaluation of technical solutions to improve production performance, key drivers of value creation in a given supply chain, potential gains related to a given pricing strategy, impact of processes’ reorganization…)
  • To support the implementation of identified solutions in the long run (performance management and measurement, scenarios’ analysis)

YKems’ teams may intervene at each step of the performance improvement processes, from the initial diagnosis to the implementation (PMO).